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Q: What does "personal service" mean?
A: Personal service means you and your legal matter will receive the attention you deserve. I don't have lawyers hiding in the shadows who take over your matter after you have met with me and hired me to work for you. I handle all legal matters personally.
Q: Why are legal services so expensive?
A: Legal training generally requires a four-year college degree and a three year doctorate degree from a law school. The candidate must then sit for a three day Bar exam. As a member of the State Bar College I devote 30 hours or more per year to the on-going study of the law (essentially working one week per year without pay). I also provide pro bono services through a non-profit organization.

Legal Services provided by:

Michael Hrabal*
Attorney at Law
2501 Parkview, Suite 123
Fort Worth, Texas 76102

*Board Certified, Civil Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization
Board Certified, Personal Injury Trial Law, Texas Board of Legal Specialization

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